Premium Oil Service

Superior Maintenance


At Autoworks, we believe that an oil change is more than switching out old fluids with bulk oil and installing a no-name filter, all while getting you out the door in 15 minutes and for $15.

At Autoworks, every premium oil service includes:

Using industry standard oil brands

You have probably heard of all of the brands of oil we use. That's because we use oil from companies that can pay for marketing..and much more importantly quality control.

Using premium filters

Your oil filter protects the most expensive piece of equipment in your vehicle. So at Autoworks, we think it's a no-brainer to use a great filter to help your engine lasts longer.

Giving you a variety of choices

Not only do we use the best, but we keep a variety of brands in stock. Some people love Quaker State, or Mobile 1 synthetics. Some people couldn't care less. We try to satisfy both.

Checking your belts

When our techs finish putting oil back in your car, they check for worn out belts. The minute it takes to do this might just save you a few hours of trouble down the road.

Checking your air filter

Your car needs to breathe. It takes in air, mixes it with the precise measure of fuel, produces a spark, and you're off. But if your filter is clogged, performance is reduced all around. We'll take a look.

Checking your tire pressure

When your tires are filled to the prescribed air pressure level, you minimize premature tread wear and you maximize your car's MPG. This saves your money all around.

Checking other fluids

Our techs will check your coolant levels, wiper fluid levels, transmission fluid levels, brake fluid levels, power steering fluid levels. Preventative maintenance for worry free driving.

One last look over

Chasis and suspension checked for wear? Check. Door Hinges Lubricated? Check. External lights working? Check. No red fluid leaking under the car? Check.  28 years of experience making sure your your car goes farther and has less trouble? Check.


Lastly, every third premium oil service at Autoworks is free. 

Yes, you read that correctly. $0.